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Enjoy Gem Light Therapy
with Maharishi AyurVeda

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Diana Harding
Advanced Practitioner of
Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems

This unique Ayurvedic therapy uses soft coherent light shining through precious gemstones to awaken your body's self-healing intelligence.

Diana Harding qualified with Maharishi College of Perfect Health and has been giving treatments since 2014. Her clients report:

- Deep relaxation and rejuvenation

- Relief from stress and anxiety

- Improved sleep, more energy

- Relief from chronic pain

- Inner peace and happiness

To book appointments 

Diana Harding:  

Tel: (+44) 07870 495 450 (WhatsApp)


or find me on Facebook.

Treatment rooms in Rendlesham, Suffolk and UK-wide.

Initial session (90mins) £50. Three sessions £135.


For full information and videos visit:

"I felt all these waves and a lot of bliss going on. Very restful, very soothing." "My neck is good, now I can turn my head."      TSM (Dec 22)

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